it is the most simple synthesis, in arond 3 hours and 700m difference in level, a taste of L'EROICA Atmosphere:

  • The striking landscape from the castello di brolio

  • The vineyards of the chianti classico embedded in the tuscan vegetation

  • The descent towards pianella with the view of siena in the background

  • The characteristic "leccione": two oaks that seem to be one that are the frame to a unique view

Altitude min.220 | Altitude max 518 | Drop 691mt


It is the "gateway" to the myth of l'eroica, in 4 hours, in addition to the beauty highlighted in the short route, do not miss:

  • Radda in chianti with its"wi despread" hospitality: our official refreshment and shops in the old town, a true feast for riders

  • The refreshment of panzano (volpaia) where " tuscan women " offer rivers of ribollita ...., local meats, wine

Altitude min.220m | Altitude max.762m | Drop 1522m

Chianti Classico Route 115 Km

It takes more than 6 hours ride and with a vertical drop of 2,400 m . We suggest to ride this Route only if you have a good training 

  • the route is all in the Chianti area 
  • over 40km of gravel roads
  • climbs up to 18%

Altitude min.280m | Altitude max.690m | 2400m vertical drop


We are in the "myth" but still within reach of an amateur public  with route times that can stretch far beyond the 10-12 hours or more. Do not miss:

  • The medieval village of buonconvento certified among "the most beautiful villages in italy"

  • Our refreshment at radi, castelnuovo berardenga

  • The most famous climb of monte saint marie where the real challenge is to do it on the pedals!

Altitude min.138m | Altitude max.527m | Drop 2300m


It is "eroica" at it’s most authentic.Here is all of the extreme spirit but also the beautiful scenery of this area:
  • From the ride to the castle of brolio night lit by candles

  • Siena

  • The medieval villages like buonconvento

  • The refreshments with that of pieve a salti with its organic food .. Do not miss the tart of wholemeal organic spelt

Altitude min.131m | Altitude max.622m | Drop 3251m

Permanent Route of L'Eroica

The great adventure of L’Eroica is no longer restricted to the first Sunday in October. The best vintage tourist cycle...



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