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March 15, 2016

L’Eroica in Italy and around the world exalts “the beauty in fatigue”; this is true. But it is equally true that after the fatigue, we all love to enjoy a good meal, a nice drink, or a quality beer together with the same friends who have just shared our fatigue. And so, the Eroica Caffè is born. This new Italian project aims at becoming synonymous with quality and taste, and with the values and flavours of post-war Italy as it moved towards well-being, success and prosperity after the difficulties of the Second World War. 

On Saturday 26 September, the first, experimental Eroica Caffè has been inaugurated in Gaiole in Chianti. “The venue is attractive and elegant, created with a small budget and in a very short time.” – explains Alberto Gnoli, of Eroica srl which has supervised every detail – “There are two different areas, one inside the ex-Ricasoli wine cellars and a covered area outside, with seating for about 170 people. The cafe is inspired by three distinct cultural and social sources: Italian homes of the 1950s and ‘60s, heroic cycling of the great champions and conviviality. Our catchwords are RELAX, TASTE AND SHARE! 

“To define this space, -continues Alberto Gnoli -I’d say more than being the first EROICA CAFFE, it is a fantastic experiment, a test, to focus on the harmony of the characteristics that will be included in the final version which we plan to launch in 2016 when the project will become international. We chose Gaiole in Chianti because this is where everything started and we think that this new project should enjoy the same inspirational force”. “L’Eroica Caffe – confirms the Mayor of Gaiole in Chianti, Michele Pescini – officially opened the 19th edition of L’Eroica and, until 4 October, animates the ex-Ricasoli wine cellars, that have become the centre of the most important events promoted by our territory. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new owners of the L’Eroica brand and to wish them success in their endeavours. I especially want to mention the fact that the event has remained true to itself, unchanging throughout the years. Today this is a rare thing. The new owners – adds Pescini – need to continue promoting and enhancing this event which has been linked with Gaiole in Chianti since its very beginnings. It has become a great event that attracts participants from all over the world to the Siena countryside and to the white roads of our province which have in their turn become a marketing tool to be further developed. L’Eroica Cafe is the latest idea that I hope will join the others in bringing our land to the world for what it is; a land rich in beauty, culture, history with a wonderful culinary heritage”. 

“L’Eroica was invented in a café – adds Giancarlo Brocci, inventor of L’Eroica – the place where we spent most of our time after work. We cycled to the cafe; we read about and discussed cycling and its mythical heroes who inspired the best Italian writers and journalists of the twentieth century. In the bars, back then, people still discussed the world, exchanging ideas about how to improve it, before hope, joy, culture, and the desire to spend time together was lost, before playing cards, bowls and serious reasons to go out at night were put aside. Cycling was THE sport in our cafes, at least up until the time of Bartali and Coppi. In the bars, we waited for news on the radio from the Giro or the Tour, challenges were issued and bets taken, we gathered the young children together and put them on bikes, hoping to discover a champion among them.” Brocci continues: “L’Eroica was invented there, amid the passions of a generation that grew up poor in everything but hope and values. They believed in the future, they had simple tastes for real things in a wonderfully peasant Italy, connected to the land and to the cult of fatigue and hard work. Today, people need to recover these rhythms and habits, flavours and joys, and the capacity to laugh together.” 

L'Eroica has become a showcase throughout the world for the best of what Tuscany has to offer; at the Eroica Cafè that rare humanity that has gathered around a philosophy, sharing life’s values and ideals, will try to find new old ways of eating, drinking and spending time together, to preserve the environment, its streets and countryside. And, perhaps, it will even try to give some cities back their human dimension. The Eroica Caffe will provide authentic Italian and Tuscan products, even though, in this initial phase, they will necessarily be limited. A selection of good salads, three first courses, three mains, a good choice of typical deserts, quality wine and beer, historical drinks! 





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