Paris-Roubaix, a hell of a legend

Vienne e Perez, two textile entrepreneurs from Roubaix were responsible for creating the velodrome in their hometown in 1895

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Fiorenzo Magni, Lion of Flanders

In the seasonal calendar, the Tour of Flanders, at the beginning of April, is the first of the Northern Classics, even though it started

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The People of L'Eroica in Gaiole

I thought it was just about old bikes and handlebar mustaches. Boy was I wrong! I can’t really recall the first images I saw of L’Eroica.

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L'Eroica 2015

It’s difficult to put pen to paper now, when everything you read about L’Eroica 2015 is almost embarrassing, it’s so good,

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Eroica Caffè at L'Eroica!

L’Eroica in Italy and around the world exalts “the beauty in fatigue”; this is true. But it is equally true that after the fatigue

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