2 october 2016


L’eroica was born for the love cycling, that which caused the writing of some amount history and of a lot of italian literature with the intent to seek the authentic roots of a beautiful sport, with a great popular soul people, and to discover beauty


The route of "l'eroica" covers some of the most beautiful roads in the area of chianti, valdarbia and val d'orcia, but the highlight is represented by those stretches of white roads that still exist, that allow you to experience the atmosphere of cycling in another era.

The Festival

In 2016, L’Eroica will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. For the occasion, the edition will offer a full programme and lots of new elements to enrich the three days from 30 September to 2 October. Among the things to look out for are the Concours d'Elegance, the Eroici Club...

Limited Edition of 20th Edition of L'Eroica

On the occasion of the 20th edition of L' Eroica in partnership with Santini , we made a limited edition collection that is reserved only for person are already taken the registration for the next edition . Is possible to book through the heroic page and withdrawn to Gaiole in the days of L' Eroica .


The deep maroon colour typical of Chianti wine is the colour chosen for this polo shirt dedicated to the XXth edition of the Eroica. Made of knitted cotton and it will provide a perfect t even on the hottest days. With an elegant design, this jersey it’s smooth and lightweight to the touch – perfect on and o the bike.


Show your passion for Eroica with the Eroica T-Shirt. Made of soft stretch cotton and with the “L’Eroica XXth Aniversary” logo printed on the chest, perfect to be worn while relaxing o the bike.


Bright red, a symbol of passion; the white of the Chianti gravel roads and the maroon typical of Chianti wine were the colors chosen for this wool jersey, dedicated to the XXth edition of the Eroica.


Beige, like the winding roads on the Tuscan hills, and maroon typical of Chianti wine: we chose these two colors which represent the extraordinary beauty of Gaiole in Chianti, the small city symbolic of the Eroica, where it all started 20 years ago. e Eroica XX sweater is inspired by a classical ’60 design incorporating a ribbed weave texture in the fabric. 


Send medical certificate

To complete your registration, remember you to send the medical certificate .You must send it by 25 August , the final closing date of the list of participants

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Paris-Roubaix, a hell of a legend

Vienne e Perez, two textile entrepreneurs from Roubaix were responsible for creating the velodrome in their hometown in 1895

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Fiorenzo Magni, Lion of Flanders

In the seasonal calendar, the Tour of Flanders, at the beginning of April, is the first of the Northern Classics, even though it started

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Permanent Route

The great adventure of L' Eroica is not a gift that you receive only the first Sunday of October. In fact you can ride at any time of the year on the permanent route of L'Eroica and getting the Heroic certificate.



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